1979, Dallas, TX


2011 MFA, Painting and Drawing, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

2000 BFA, Studio Art, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX


2010 London International Creative Competition; Shortlist; London, UK

2008 London International Creative Competition; Shortlist; London, UK

2007 Hunting Art Prize, $50,000 Cash Award, Hunting Ltd. Houston, TX

2006 Kimbrough Grant, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX


2013 It Was the Body Which Despaired of the Body; Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

2011 Blessed With all the Thunder in the World; Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

2010-2011 Struck by Lightning More Than Once, She Didn't Yield; Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX

2010 Inaugural Group Show; Cain Schulte Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009 The Poniard Twists, My Mutiny; Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

2008 What World Behind Those Ruby Eyes; Caine Schulte Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2007 Some Queer Noisy Pendulum; Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas

2004 I Think I Prayed For You To Come, But Wasn’t Prepared For The Reality;
Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

2002 Stephen F Austin State University, Nacodoches, TX

2002 Conduit Gallery Project Room, Dallas, TX

2021 California Art Open, TAG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2021 Not! An Art Fair, Shock Boxx, Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA

2021 Madre, Shock Boxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA

2016 Benedictine University Faculty Show, Lisle, IL

2015 Schism, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2014 Benedictine University Faculty Show, Lisle, IL

2012 University of North Texas Faculty Show, Denton, TX

2012 The Medium is the Message, UT Arlington Gallery, Arlington, TX

2011 Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, TX

2010 Next Chicago, Chicago, IL

2009 Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, TX

2008 The Art of Describing; Gallery 10G

2008 Aqua Wynnwood, Miami, FL

2007 Red Dot, Miami, FL

2001 500 X Gallery, Dallas, TX


Ted Pillsbury, Dallas, TX

Sam and Catherine Basharkhah, Dallas, TX

John and Muffin Lemak, Dallas, TX

Carter Tolleson, Dallas, Tx

John Reoch, Dallas, TX

Ted Kincaid and Steve Atkinson, Dallas, TX

Cord Martin and Thom Armistead, West Columbia, TX

Jeff and Terry Kurz, Dallas, TX

Jeff Estes, Dallas, TX

Helen and Charles Nixon, Dallas, TX

Mark and Barbara Ashworth, Dallas, TX


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